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Hotels in Kefalonia, Hotel Kefalonia Apartments, Studios, Luxury Suites, Villas, Rooms to Let Accommodation in Kefalonia, Ionian Islands Greece

Kefalonia Greece Hotels: Accommodation in Kefalonia, Greece
Kefalonia is the largest and one of the most appealing islands of the Ionian cluster. Ideal for serene and peaceful vacations, the beauty of the unparalleled landscape of Kefalonia shall definitely bedazzle you as the pure natural beauty is delineated all over the scenery. At the same time, the remains of an ancient civilization create an enigmatic and interesting atmosphere that in combination with the unique mentality of the inhabitants compose an amalgam of excellence.
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Kefalonia Agia Efimia Hotels (8)Kefalonia Agia Efimia Apartments and Studios • Kefalonia Agia Efimia Furnished Apartments • Kefalonia Agia Efimia Hotel • Kefalonia Agia Efimia Hotel and Bungalows • Kefalonia Agia Efimia Studios • 
Kefalonia Agia Pelagia Hotels (1)Kefalonia Agia Pelagia Hotel • 
Kefalonia Antipata Erissou Hotels (2)Kefalonia Antipata Erissou Furnished Apartments • 
Kefalonia Argostoli Hotels (28)Kefalonia Argostoli Apartments and Studios • Kefalonia Argostoli Furnished Apartments • Kefalonia Argostoli Hotel • Kefalonia Argostoli Hotel and Bungalows • Kefalonia Argostoli Studios • 
Kefalonia Assos Hotels (4)Kefalonia Assos Apartments and Studios • Kefalonia Assos Pension • Kefalonia Assos Studios • Kefalonia Assos Villas • 
Kefalonia Divarata Hotels (1)Kefalonia Divarata Furnished Apartments • 
Kefalonia Domata Livathous Hotels (1)Kefalonia Domata Livathous Hotel • 
Kefalonia Fiskardo Hotels (13)Kefalonia Fiskardo Apartments and Studios • Kefalonia Fiskardo Furnished Apartments • Kefalonia Fiskardo Hotel • Kefalonia Fiskardo Hotel Apartments • Kefalonia Fiskardo Rooms • Kefalonia Fiskardo Suites • Kefalonia Fiskardo Traditional Hotel • 
Kefalonia Havdata Hotels (1)Kefalonia Havdata Furnished Apartments • 
Kefalonia Hionata Hotels (1)Kefalonia Hionata Studios • 
Kefalonia Karavados Hotels (5)Kefalonia Karavados Apartments and Studios • Kefalonia Karavados Hotel • Kefalonia Karavados Studios • 
Kefalonia Katelios Hotels (3)Kefalonia Katelios Apartments and Studios • Kefalonia Katelios Hotel • 
Kefalonia Koriana Hotels (1)Kefalonia Koriana Furnished Apartments • 
Kefalonia Kothreas Hotels (1)Kefalonia Kothreas Studios • 
Kefalonia Kounopetra Hotels (3)Kefalonia Kounopetra Apartments and Studios • Kefalonia Kounopetra Studios • 
Kefalonia Kountourata Hotels (2)Kefalonia Kountourata Apartments and Studios • Kefalonia Kountourata Hotel • 
Kefalonia Kourkoumelata Hotels (1)Kefalonia Kourkoumelata Hotel • 
Kefalonia Lassi Hotels (13)Kefalonia Lassi Apartments and Studios • Kefalonia Lassi Hotel • Kefalonia Lassi Rooms • Kefalonia Lassi Studios • 
Kefalonia Livatho Hotels (2)Kefalonia Livatho Apartments and Studios • Kefalonia Livatho Furnished Apartments • 
Kefalonia Lixouri Hotels (17)Kefalonia Lixouri Apartments and Studios • Kefalonia Lixouri Furnished Apartments • Kefalonia Lixouri Hotel • Kefalonia Lixouri Rooms • Kefalonia Lixouri Studios • 
Kefalonia Lourdata Hotels (9)Kefalonia Lourdata Apartments and Studios • Kefalonia Lourdata Furnished Apartments • Kefalonia Lourdata Hotel • Kefalonia Lourdata Studios • 
Kefalonia Mantzavinata Hotels (2)Kefalonia Mantzavinata Furnished Apartments • 
Kefalonia Matsoukata Hotels (1)Kefalonia Matsoukata Furnished Apartments • 
Kefalonia Megas Lakos Hotels (1)Kefalonia Megas Lakos Studios • 
Kefalonia Minies Hotels (3)Kefalonia Minies Apartments and Studios • Kefalonia Minies Hotel • 
Kefalonia Moussata Hotels (1)Kefalonia Moussata Hotel • 
Kefalonia Peratata Hotels (1)Kefalonia Peratata Hotel • 
Kefalonia Poros Hotels (14)Kefalonia Poros Furnished Apartments • Kefalonia Poros Hotel • Kefalonia Poros Studios • 
Kefalonia Sami Hotels (12)Kefalonia Sami Apartments and Studios • Kefalonia Sami Furnished Apartments • Kefalonia Sami Hotel • Kefalonia Sami Studios • 
Kefalonia Sarlata Hotels (1)Kefalonia Sarlata Apartments and Studios • 
Kefalonia Skala Hotels (21)Kefalonia Skala Apartments and Studios • Kefalonia Skala Bungalows • Kefalonia Skala Furnished Apartments • Kefalonia Skala Hotel • 
Kefalonia Spartia Hotels (4)Kefalonia Spartia Apartments and Studios • Kefalonia Spartia Furnished Apartments • Kefalonia Spartia Hotel • 
Kefalonia Svoronata Hotels (9)Kefalonia Svoronata Apartments and Studios • Kefalonia Svoronata Furnished Apartments • Kefalonia Svoronata Hotel • Kefalonia Svoronata Hotel and Bungalows • Kefalonia Svoronata Villas • 
Kefalonia Trapezaki Hotels (4)Kefalonia Trapezaki Apartments and Studios • 
Kefalonia Tzamarelata Hotels (1)Kefalonia Tzamarelata Apartments and Studios • 
Kefalonia Vlahata Hotels (7)Kefalonia Vlahata Apartments and Studios • Kefalonia Vlahata Furnished Apartments • Kefalonia Vlahata Hotel • 
Kefalonia Xi Lixouriou Hotels (2)Kefalonia Xi Lixouriou Apartments and Studios • Kefalonia Xi Lixouriou Hotel • 
Kefalonia Zervata Hotels (1)Kefalonia Zervata Furnished Apartments • 

Numbers in parenthesis show the number of hotels in each location. Pink color indicates more than 20 hotels.
Kefalonia Hotels Agia Efimia - Kefalonia Hotels Agia Pelagia - Kefalonia Hotels Antipata Erissou - Kefalonia Hotels Argostoli - Kefalonia Hotels Assos - Kefalonia Hotels Divarata - Kefalonia Hotels Domata Livathous - Kefalonia Hotels Fiskardo - Kefalonia Hotels Havdata - Kefalonia Hotels Hionata - Kefalonia Hotels Karavados - Kefalonia Hotels Katelios - Kefalonia Hotels Koriana - Kefalonia Hotels Kothreas - Kefalonia Hotels Kounopetra - Kefalonia Hotels Kountourata - Kefalonia Hotels Kourkoumelata - Kefalonia Hotels Lassi - Kefalonia Hotels Livatho - Kefalonia Hotels Lixouri - Kefalonia Hotels Lourdata - Kefalonia Hotels Mantzavinata - Kefalonia Hotels Matsoukata - Kefalonia Hotels Megas Lakos - Kefalonia Hotels Minies - Kefalonia Hotels Moussata - Kefalonia Hotels Peratata - Kefalonia Hotels Poros - Kefalonia Hotels Sami - Kefalonia Hotels Sarlata - Kefalonia Hotels Skala - Kefalonia Hotels Spartia - Kefalonia Hotels Svoronata - Kefalonia Hotels Trapezaki - Kefalonia Hotels Tzamarelata - Kefalonia Hotels Vlahata - Kefalonia Hotels Xi Lixouriou - Kefalonia Hotels Zervata -

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